Saturday, October 10, 2009

July/ August review (fashionably late)

Here's July 4th, celebrating with a few friends. It was actually raining and COLD this year so fireworks were a little more complicated.

(Out of order) Later in July, Lexi auditioned for a play for the touring Missoula Children's Theater Company, organized through our library department, and got a small part. She was THRILLED!!! They put on a musical production of "Robison Crusoe" in less than a week. Lexi got to be one of the chamelions (funny lizard). It was really a neat process and learning experience for her. She had a ball acting like a lizard and doing the hula (the story line was quite interesting :) ).
She's the one in green on the end standing up, being lizard-like.

(I don't know why there's a duplicate of some of these pictures, but I don't know how to get rid of them...sorry.)

Back to 4th of's some of the kids super excited over our small attempt at a fireworks show. You should have seen the dads - they were even more giddy!

What can I say????.... Colton's hair is the BEST!!!!! (His red eyes set off this picture particularly well)

In case you missed them the first time...... ;)

Here's Lexi after her play, loving her stage makeup and saying she wishes she could "be in the play every day for a hundred years" (I don't know how long I could be supportive of that).

The chamelion crew

So in the summer, we always love to try to discover new parks around town and this time we found these two cute parks that are connected. One had an Alice in Wonderland theme, and the other a Charlotte's Web theme. The kids were jazzed.
Lexi and Colton on a giant Charlotte.

Tyler getting a piggy-back (or piggy-head) ride on Wilbur. In the background is this really cool web thing the kids (and maybe adults) climb on.

Our fam at another free concert at the park (we never get sick of those).

With the lack of pools in Colorado Springs, you have to get creative in finding other ways to cool down. One of our favorite ways to get wet is the "Uncle Wilber" fountain downtown. This was Colton's first time (atleast in a swimming suit), but he was not too thrilled about the idea.

We found these 3 cute wet kids on a bench and took a picture :)

On one of our many walks in the summer we came across this little part of a creek that's right next the freeway and thought it might be fun to have the kids wade and play a little in it sometime. We're not exactly sure if it's legal, in fact it's probably not, but we didn't see any signs, so...... play we did!

Nice and shallow, but the kids didn't mind.

Here is Lexi's first day as a first-grader (which in her mind is like a senior in high school apparently). I'm so glad she loves school- we'll see how long it lasts.

Colton loves to try to wiggle in tight spots and hide, here is just one I found him climbing out of with his little cheesy grin. He's a crack-up!

So there's a small review of how we spent some of our time this summer. I still have a lot of catching up to do, but I appreciate your patience (for those of you who were waiting- OK maybe just my mom).