Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February celebrations!!

As many of you know in our family we get the privilege of celebrating 3 birthdays in February. This year as I already mentioned, Tyler celebrated his in Disneyland. Here are a couple pictures of the b-day festivities back at the hotel after a VERY long fun-filled day! Nate ran to the grocery store and got this little cake for Tyler and his cousin Danielle who shares his birthday. As you can see all 20 (almost) of us crowded into one room to celebrate.

Here's Tyler opening a few presents with all his cousins admiring. "OOOh, ahhh Spider man backpack!"

A couple weeks later it was Lexi's turn. She asked for a pink butterfly cake. I know it's not much to shout about (especially compared to my amazingly talented friends who get paid for thier cake creations), but Lexi was happy :)
We didn't really do parties this year b/c of the Disneyland trip, but we told Lexi she could go somewhere fun and invite a couple friends. After offering dozens of creative options near and far...wouldn't you know Lexi chose Chuck E. Cheese (what's with that place?!) Anyway, here's Lexi celebrating with a couple school friends at her favorite place.

Tyler and Colton got in on the action too. They always love the BIG TRUCKS (or "ducks" as Colton would say).

Here's Lexi the next day on her actual birthday opening some presents, her favorite of which being a new pet fish (no- it wasn't in one of the bags).

In the midst of the birthday excitement, we had Valentine's Day and Nate got me this ENORMOUS card. He gave it to me when we went out to eat. The other people in the restaurant got a kick out of it I'm sure. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious so I had to take a picture of it.

Then came Nathan's birthday, where he offically got his "Man's TV". Yes, it's very big, but he mounted it on the wall and it's not in the way too much, so I'm getting more used to it.

His special day came complete with a family dance party in the family room and a wrestling match (of which I did not participate in as you can imagine).

His other wish for his b-day was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, so that's what he got. It was kinda nice not making one :) Thanks Nate!

February is the shortest month, but is big in celebrations for our family. I'm so grateful for my precious crew, just hate to see another year pass and them all get older.