Saturday, February 5, 2011

I need help fixing my blog

Thought I'd just ask for advice from my blog expert friends.  I can't get a background design anymore.  I've tried countless times from "cutest blog on the block" to download the background after following the instructions, but it just doesn't seem to work.  Any ideas??  Thanks :)

Tyler's 6th Birthday!!

Wow!  Can't believe my sweet Tyler is 6 already!  He's such a genuine, compassionate, loving kid. We're so blessed to have him in our family. 

Here he is anxiously awaiting the present opening...

This year he got to have an official birthday party.  Can you guess where he wanted to go???
Surprise!!  Never saw that one coming, huh?  We only go to Chuck E. Cheese EVERY year for a birthday, but we've never had an official party there.  It actually worked out great.  He only had a few friends come, but they all had a blast.

This was my translation of a transformer cake.  That's what Tyler really wanted & all the ideas I saw on-line intimidated me too much, atleast right now.  So Nate just suggested I printout an image and take it to the bakery & have them print it on rice paper.  So that's what we did.  Even though this seemed like it would be the easiest cake I've ever made, sadly, it still proved to be a challenge for me.  I'm not sure I've mentioned before how much cake & I aren't friends.  Atleast the making of cakes....eating them is a different story.  Anyway, here's the result (after a couple attempts).

I swear the boys had more fun than it looks:)

 The hit of the night...the Ticket Blaster!  This was so much fun, It's like in a game show where you're in a booth & money flies all around & you have to grab as much as you can.  This time it was tickets instead of money, but they had some bigger coupons in there that were worth 50 or 100 tickets.  Tyler was smart & stepped on all the big ones right before the fans turned on, so he ended up with around 500 tickets- 'atta' boy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Relaxing in January

I've finally caught up to 2011. Here are just a few fun pictures from January.

 See I'm putting McKinley to work already, good thing she loves the vacuum.

Hello, Blue eyes!!!

Wrestle time with daddy.  McKinley didn't want to be left out.

Colton with his lil' playgroup buddies Hyrum and Max.  These guys are so cute!

I mentioned in my previous post how hard it was for me to find matching or even coordinating Sunday outfits for Christmas.  It was near impossible for me.  Then we got to Arizona and lookie what Grandad picked out himself for the girls.... GREAT taste, Grandad!!

These were the outfits I was finally able to put together- from 3 different stores.  I love this picture- it'd be a lot sweeter though if I could get rid of the red-eye.  All our photo editing software is not working right now, so... imagine this without the demon eyes :)

December 2010 review

 December was ,ofcourse, insanely busy like everyone else's.  Here was McKinley at 8 months beginning to stand while holding on to things.

Lexi was in a dance recital during December.  It's so fun because a few of her friends do it with her, especially her good friend Sierra.  They've been friends since they were toddlers.
Here they are in their tap/ Asain outfit.  This was taken during the dress rehearsal.  During the actual performance Lexi discovered, after we arrived, that she forgot her pants.  It was quite the adventure to say the least (I may have broken a few speed limits as I rushed back home with a couple minutes to spare).

 Their cute little ballet outfits.

Nate and I went to a fun Christmas/ birthday party...

Can you tell it was an ugly sweater party??
(I swear Nate's sweater seemed a lot uglier when I first bought it)

Before we left for Arizona we had a little Christmas of our own at home a couple days early.  This was Tyler's creative idea for a make-shift Santa costume.


McKinley sporting her new gift from Grandma Lincoln- so stinkin' cute!

Here's Colton in what we thought would be one of his favorite presents, a Buzz costume.  You can see he lacked a bit of enthusiasm.

Can you believe all these kids come from just two familes?
Here's our kids with our dear friends the VanWagoners'.  My children have absolutely LOVED their kids.  We all spent a lot of time together, so you can imagine our sadness as they had to move away to Las Vegas just before Christmas.  We'll miss them so much, but hope they come back sometimes to visit :)

 This Buzz was a hit!!

Lovin' Christmas day with my family in Arizona...

 Gramma Suzie helping baby go through her stocking

One of the BEST presents Nate recieved;  My mom made him a big double fleece UofA blanket.  He snuggles up in it every night :)

 Looks like McKinley won over Uncle Aaron too!

For Christmas I really wanted to get the kids matching outfits while I still could.  I shopped for days at dozens of stores and this was the closest I could get.  My little handsome men.

We also got to visit with some great friends Nate & I have had for a LONG time.  Nate's been best buds with these guys since childhood.  I became friends with them closer to high school, actually before I was friends with Nate.  Now they awesome wives who we love too!  Anyway here's some of our offspring  (there's still a few missing -in bed & in utero :) ).  What I love about this group is that no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, it's like no time has passed (our kids all had a blast together too)!
I can't wait to get together again soon.

Thanksgiving 2010

One morning as I was taking the trash out, I looked up & saw I was a few feet away from a big buck. I was taken by surprise to say the least. Sometimes when it snows a lot we can see what looks like deer tracks in our yard, but I never understood how they got there and of course have never seen one. Well  I have now...

In the fall we decided to try to start going to more "local attractions" in our city that we've never been to.  The Western Mining Museum was on of our stops...

For Thanksgiving we went to Utah to stay with Nate's family.  We always enjoy our time there.  Here's Ty & Kinners having some snuggle time with Grandpa Lincoln

We got quite a bit of snow while we were there.  The kids took advantage.

We tried REALLY hard to get some decent pictures of all the Lincoln grandkids, but with this baker's dozen- it was near impossible.  They'll be one more joining us in July (from Nate's sister Karen).

We had a blast at a close-by jump place, trying to find a good place for the kids to use some of their pent-up energy.

Grandma and Grandpa Lincoln taking a little break :)

Nate's brother is a volunteer firefighter in Saratoga Springs & he let the kids put on some of his gear.  It wasn't exactly a perfect fit, but the kids sure loved it!

We were also entertained as some of the cousins put on a musical review.  Complete with costumes &and scene changes :)
 While the other kids were doing that....Colton was doing this....!!
 He got into some really nice paints of our sister-in-law's mother's.  She's an artist, but assured us they wouldn't be too harmful :)  I guess you could call Colton an artist too ;)  Instead of canvas, he uses his mouth as the medium.
Here's the newest addition to the Lincoln clan, baby Disney (Nate's brother's baby girl #6). 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our busy & fun October

Looking back, October was pretty crammed with events, but it was a lot of fun with great weather!

One event was something I never thought I'd do- run a  5K.  I realize this is not a big deal for most people. But for me who has absolutely loathed running for most of my life, it was a big accomplishment.  My friends Mel & Rochelle helped encourage me and even trained with me by running crazy early in the morning.  Anyway, it was kind of fun & I plan to do atleast one more in 2011.  I didn't have a very fast time, but I never stopped.  Rochelle & her awesome daughter Emma Lee had great times though.

We had a fun family night at a local gymnastics gym & Colton had a ball in the foam pit.  We could barely get him out.

Our first attempt at feeding McKinley solids.  You can see how it went over.  We were a little slow getting to it, I guess it was our attempt to keep her a baby forever.

I love how this sweet baby just radiates joy!!

Cute, cute Lexi with her new braces & glasses.  Can you believe she's almost 8? She's growing up way too fast.

During October, we  went to a great place at the base of Garden of the Gods called Rockledge Ranch.  It's an old settlers' village that they have kept in tact, with everyone dressed in period clothes.   Here was Buttercup the cow.

Lexi also had field day at school , She's a ferocious tiger (before the braces).

Back to Rock Ledge...

 Colton learning how to press apples for cider.  It took quite a bit of muscle power

Our family had another outing to a pumpkin patch out in the middle of no where.

  Conquering the hay pryramid
 Hay ride (it was quite windy that day)
 Awesome hay slides
 There was also a little hay maze.  In summary....there was a lot of hay :)
  Selecting the perfect pumpkin

To celebrate Halloween we went to an event at Garden of the Gods where they had a costume contest.  To our surprise, McKinley won for the babies to 3 yr. old group.  Her costume wasn't all that impressive, but I think it was the enormous smile she gave the judges as we passed them that won them over.  Still we were proud of our lil' monkey!

The next day at our church's Trunk-or-Treat...  Here's Lexi & her friend Avery.
Apparently Cleopatra was a popular costume choice this year. 

Our friend Josey (an former co-worker of Nate's) & her family came with us this year.  McKinley & her little boy Connor were born just a couple weeks a part.

The rest of the fam.  Nate wore his fake tattoos & basketball duds, spiked his hair & went as an NBA player.  His little ensemble actually caused a bit of a stir.

Ending the month with one of my favorite pictures...just horsin' around with daddy :)