Monday, December 15, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus...

We just had our church Christmas brunch and there was a special visitor... When he made his surprise entrance into the room right by where Lexi was sitting, she about flew out her seat she was so surprised. She quickly ran away trying to play it cool! Overall they really had fun and gorged themselves on like 4 large cinnamon rolls each. Later Lexi told me "That wasn't the REAL santa!" I asked why she thought that and she continued to give me a list of minute details she observed that led to her reasoning. The most obvious being that there was velcro on the back of his suit and the real Santa would have a nicer suit than that, duh! I guess we might have to be a little more careful around her now that she is older and more observant than I thought.

Colton just lit up when he got to sit on Santa's lap mostly because he thought his beard looked tasty!

Here's Ty posing with his "ladies" on each arm, Robyn and Taylor

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well we just got back from our T-giving trip to Arizona to see my side of the family. It was a great trip. We actually broke it up for the first time and stayed in Albuquerque on the way down. This made the trip MUCH more manageable I think. It was hard to fit everything in while we were there. So many people to see, so many things to little time. We were able to get some really nice quality time with a few people we haven't been able to see in a LONG time, and of course Colton was a big hit. We also had our own little Christmas celebration while we were there since we won't be back for actual Christmas. Everyone was very generous to us! The adults got act like kids as we "tried out" some of the kids new toys. We also had some fierce competitions on Nintendo Wii. Our young nieces would whip our tails (all the while texting in between turns). On the way back home the kids did great for the most part in the car, but I didn't. I was so antsy and impatient....I was the one saying "are we there yet?!" Oh well we're back now and trying to get back in the swing of things just as we're getting ready to take our Utah trip in a couple weeks.
....So I'm trying to put captions under the pictures, but I haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, from top down there's my kiddos with my parents relaxing before our big trip home. Then there's Colton enjoying his first "Christmas" present from our early exchange (or maybe he's the present). Next is Colton with his "betrothed", Maddy (my best friend's daughter - less than a month's difference in age). Then there's Colton with his great grand-daddy Le. Finally there's a picture of my kids with their cousins Daryn, Alyxe and Kymble and my parents.....