Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tyler turns 7!!!

February is kind of a crazy month in our house.  Tyler got to kick off the month by turning seven!
Tyler loves his video games, so decided he wanted a cake representing that.  I suggested I make one
 that looks like a Wii remote or some kind of device he actually uses, but he dedided he wanted to go old school and have a game boy cake.  He's never actually used a game boy, but whatever the birthday boy wants! He also said he wanted me to make it red and this was as red as I could make it, so he had to settle for more of a coral color (yeah, it was pretty much pink) :)
 I also ran out of birthday bags so he had to settle for a big bag that said "baby".  He's a good sport!
 Woo hoo!  Some roller blades from grandma - score!

Instead of a party this year, Tyler decided we should go to the Denver Aquarium to celebrate.  Unfortunately because of unforseen circumstances he ended up having to wait almost an entire month before we could go.  But we finally made it (even if mom had the flu when we went) and it was so neat!
 Super cool green eel

 I thought the face of this fish up in the left corner is crazy, almost not real looking.

Shark right above McKinley's head

Sword fish

 I think this type of jelly fish was called "Moon" something.  Anyway, what beautiful specimens.

 One of the highlights on our trip was the mermaid show.  It was very entertaining, then the kids got to meet them afterwards, except Colton & McKinley were totally freaked out.  Poor kids are so confused.  Just when they were told mermaids weren't real...

We ended the evening at the sting ray "petting pool".

 TJ - the survivor!

Monday, March 5, 2012

January 2012

In January, Nate was able to take Lexi & Tyler to an Air Force basketball game and the kids had a blast and met a giant blue bird :)

On our day off we took the family to Manitou Springs to the penny arcade which we haven't done in years.  It really is such a fun little place with some neat antique arcade games, some dating back to earlier 1900s.

There are dozens of kiddie rides to choose from...

and crazy giant sculptures of bikes.  I think it's a pretty good fit, don't you?

The kids had way too much fun with the paint one night...

Later in the month, Kinners had a nasty fall and ended up with quite the boo-boo on her lip.  There was plenty of blood, but luckily no ER visit.  Now you can only see the scar if she smiles real big.

This was what remained of our mailbox after New Years Eve.  Good news is I have a handy husband!

At the beginning of the year, Tyler decided to give break dancing a try.  He liked it so much we decided to enroll him in the class.  This video clip was from his first class during the "freestyle" circle.  He has since learned so much.  It is super entertaining to watch these 6-10 yr. olds do their tricks and the teacher is awesome.  Nate and I fight over who gets to take Tyler each week.

Friday, March 2, 2012

December 2011

One day I discovered McKinley doing this (above).  No one even showed her how to correctly hold a pencil. I was impressed considering the struggle I've had with some of her older siblings (and am still having). 

Later in December, my parents were able to fly out for a few days to have a mini Christmas with us.  It was so wonderful.  We were able to fit an many things, yet still had time to just relax and chat.  During our gift exchanging, Grandad was our santa, passing out many fun things...

like this dinosaur that growls and stomps...

this collector's book of UofA basketball (very exciting for a certain big fan)!

A friendship bracelt maker - we've had many fun hours using this (sometimes I let Lexi use it too - haha).

A remote control dragon, complete with stomping and growling so he can battle the dinosaur.

The brightest, prettiest, sparkliest light up shoes you ever seen!  At first when McKinley wore these in the car at night we thought we were being pulled over because of these really bright flashing lights we saw out of the corner of our eyes.  They're so fun!

And my elegant diva mom apron :)

We also went to our church Christmas party while my parents visited and we were able to take this nice picture.

As I said in the last post, we stayed home for the holidays for the first time ever.  It was definitely different not traveling or being together with our extended family, but it was nice just taking it easy here at home.  We actually had to try to figure out some of our own traditions. 
Here are the kids sporting their new jammies that they opened on Christmas Eve.

Lexi & Tyler playing a very "serious" Mary & Joseph as we acted out the Christmas story.

1st official Colorado Springs Lincoln Family Christmas Eve

Bright and early Christmas morning.  We decided to open up our stockings before we went to church.

The loot!

After church the gift opening marathon began :)  McKinley in her fairy princes, butterfly costume.  She recently developed a thing for butterflies.

It's Woody!  Colton still loves him some Toy Story.

Tyler and Lexi scored some new scooters.

What's Christmas without some snow?

We were able to get out a few times and sled.  Luckily our street is a pretty sweet sledding hill.

Spending some time with friends: McKinley & Skyler (the baby that was born in our basement last spring). Sadly, Skyler & her family moved away to California a few weeks ago and we will miss them dearly!