Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mr. 'T' is in the house!

So, the night before Mother's Day I was out at the grocery store and I came back to find this.... Apparently Nate got a little creative with the clippers. I was not so happy at first, especially since we were going to church in the morning.

This picture of Lexi is out of order, but cute just the same.
Anyway, so Nate finally convinced me Tyler can only get away with this for a couple more months, we should let him live it up. But I couldn't stand the mohawk all the way in the back, so I made him even it up so you can't really tell he has a mohawk from the back.

Tyler has such curly hair that it naturally sticks up, so no product needed. Except it's so curly it's really more a "mo-fro" rather than a mohawk. Tyler's still really proud of it though (maybe as much as Nate is)!

Our cuties enjoying some beautiful May weather.

Gotta love the tulips, just wish they'd last longer...

My MEN!!

Here's Colton sporting his "Bozo the clown" hair-do. It's still a mystery where his red hair came from.

This is a picture of Lexi and Tyler's soccer team after their last game.

They had so much fun playing soccer, especially being on the same team (I know I loved that!). They both improved greatly since the start of it. Lexi did especially great! She was one of two scorers on the team. That dog in the middle is Rufus, he sat behind the goal so our team knew where to kick the ball. Let me tell you, it didn't seem to help much, but it was sure cute!

Here we are at our friends' Lance and Chandler's b-day party. I wish I had a bucket for balance! I'll just use Lexi and Tyler as a crutch :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Colton's ONE!!!

So our little baby(well not so little, never really was) is now one. How fun! Here's how we celebrated. For starters Nate's parents were in town so we had a little celebration for him a few days early so they could be a part of it. The kids LOVED having grandma and grandpa here and so did we. It was relaxing for the most part (except when Nate put his dad to work for a couple days straight - so if you ask him he'd probably not agree with the "relaxing" comment) and a lot of fun.
The not so fun part of the whole week (right after grandparents left) was that Colton developed this unexplainable high fever that ended up lasting the whole week without breaking. The doctor said he did have a cold, but everything else seemed fine. He was concerned about the height and length of his fever, though. He told me if it hadn't broken by the next day (which was Saturday) to call him and they'd do bloodwork....so long story short Colton's birthday week consisted of going to the hospital, being poked and stabbed multiple times from shots and tests etc., being strapped down to a table for a chest x-ray and having his temperature taken what seemed to be fifty times a day. It all was probably a bit overboard in my opinion, but better safe than sorry I guess. Our heart broke for him though, poor thing. Needless to say he wasn't in the best of spirits throughout the week. He seems much better now, still not sure what all was going on with him, but here's what we do know...
He LOVES food and lets you know it, he enjoys playing hide 'n' seek around the chair, he's got quite a sense of humor (when he's not sick) and totally tries to be a clown b/c he knows it will get a laugh. He says mama and dada quite often and absolutely loves his brother and sister. He can also be a real snuggle bunny still (especially when sporting fevers of 104 degress). He loves to crawl super speed to us and then lay his head in our lap etc. He's really liking spending time outside now and wants desperatley to run around with Lexi and Ty. Colton's standing up longer and longer now on his own, but I think we still got a while on the whole walking thing (I'm not crying).
I love his little "I am one, hear me roar!" pose in this picture, with his lil' claws.
Colton and his friend Laraleigh playing at his birthday celebration, a few days early. I love Colton's crazy red hair (still a mystery where it came from). There's Grandpa in the background, unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of grandpa or grandma with the kiddos this trip, sorry!

Here's Colton living up to his "quarterback" name (the reason Nate wanted to name him Colton). "Hut, hut, hike!"

Can you tell how old he's turning? :) The kids helped decorate the cupcakes and Nate's mom helped me with the cake. Hey if you look really closely the cupcakes at the top spell out Colton

This is when above cake meets Colton's face.....First taste of cake + chocolate icing = complete and utter GLEE!! Priceless!

He didn't make as much mess as his brother or sister with their first cake, but he made a pretty good attempt.

Laraleigh on the other hand created an awesome chocolate goatee for herself :)

Here's Colton with a present from Grandma Lincoln (that's her in the background - again, sorry I don't have better pictures but atleast there's proof she was there). He's feeling like a big boy with his own special camping chair.

Some more present action

Colton opening a present from Gramma and Grandad Butler a few days later due to him being so sick and grumpy on his actual birthday.

Here's a little "taste" of Colton being introduced to his cake... Happy Birthday big boy!

Happy Easter (ok I'm a month late, sorry)!

Well I finally got around to posting some of these pictures. Here's my two little bunnies complete with bunny teeeth (crack me up). Notice the abundance of snow in the background...Merry Christmas, wait, er, I mean Happy Easter! Here's our third bunny, he wasn't left out of the fun (although we didn't give him any bunny teeth). Also if you look closely you'll see Lexi's doll has a matching dress on, too cute, thanks Gramma!
Colton's first easter, just wait 'til he realizes how much candy he's missing out on.

Ok, so we ditched the teeth and ears for atleast one picture. Looks like Lexi could use a few extra teeth though :)

Here are our scavengers looking at their loot after an successful easter egg hunt with our friends the Bass family. It ended up being a nice, relaxing easter, where it was easy to focus on the true meaning of the holiday (although you can't tell that from the pictures).