Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tyler's baptism and Easter

Tyler was able to be baptized on Easter weekend this year, which made it extra fun to have family come to visit.
My mom bought the kids cute, cute easter outfits and I almost forgot to take pictures of them.  So here's the best we could get after church. 

Seconds later.... this is what we got.  This is more like it!
 I love this picture of Tyler looking at the baptismal font before it started. (Wish I could get the pics to rotate on here).
 In their whites.
 Egg hunt time
Tyler with one of his best buddies, Collin that happened to be getting baptized on the same day.
Ty looking sharp in his suit with Grandad Butler
Some cuddle time with Gramma Suzie
McKinley got to go to the Olympic Training Center with Nate and cousins.  As you can tell, she was pretty excited about it :)

 The Lincoln girls are all champions in my book

OK, this was too perfect....caught red-handed!
What the??  This is what my kids do on spring break, how about yours? :)

Pinewood Derby....on ice!

 Tyler entered the world of scouts this year, which brings with it the adventures of the Pinewood Derby.  This is a day Nate has been waiting for.  He and his dad made some epic cars back in his day.  Unfortunately we didn't have hardly anytime to spend on it, but Tyler and Nate were still able to make a pretty nice car.  Nate also helped four other boys make their cars.  Our garage was hopping that day.    Tyler's is the aero-dynamic looking one.  He came up with the design and cut it by himself.
 After all of it, Nate decided he had enough extra supplies that he made a car of his own for fun.  His is the one that looks like a big toe.  Get it...  "Toe-truck" ?  I like the painted toenail.  It also has knuckle creases cut in.
Tyler and his friend Josh (one of the boys Nate helped) waiting at the finish line.  Some of them were a photo finish.
 Before his race
 Tyler's is the one just pulling ahead. 
 It was a fun evenng, although a lot of people's emotions were quite high.  Tyler ended up getting third place.  Most importantly he had a great time and had some bonding time with dad.
In April, we decided to drive to Denver and surprise the kids by going to Disney on Ice.  I think it was a success :)

 Lion King was a sight to behold!
 Headlock or hug??
 Jasmine and Aladdin on the flying carpet.

Cool action shot with Goofy and the fabulous original four
On the ride home. I can't remember the last time all four kids were sleeping at the same time in the car.  It was pretty awesome!