Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lexi's dancin' & playin'

 It's May & that means it's time for Lexi's spring dance recital again.  This year it was a "Wizard of Oz" theme.  All the classes costumes & dances were sooooo cute!!  Here's  Lexi with one of her best friends, Sierra (who has been dancing with her almost every recital).

They all looked so beautiful on stage, dancing to Izzy's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  I think they were supposed to be the clouds & sky. (Lexi's the 2nd one back).

 Getting ready for her tap number to "The Wiz"

 Lexi with her twin friends who also go to school with her.

I loved how they had the hats, canes & fringe.  Too cute! (She's all the way in the back)

 Colton watching Lexi dance (of course he needed his hat & shades because of all the sun in auditorium- haha!)

McKinley wanted to be a part of the dancing action too - sporting her tutu :)

Lexi has also been working hard in her piano lessons & just had a little piano recital.  We actually only got about two days notice, but she was ready and played a lovely duet & a solo.  Here she is waiting for her turn.

Running, Kicking, Singing

 In April I ran my second official 5K which I know is next to nothing for so many, but again for me it's quite a challenge.  Anyway I ran it with a few friends this time (actually we all started at different times because it was called the tortoise and the hare race).  About 2/3 into it, I was struggling and really slowing down even more (if that's possible) and then I looked off to the side of the course and saw kids that looked like mine.  I got a little closer and discovered they were mine!  Nate had brought all the kids as a surprise to me to cheer me on.  It was SUCH a great surprise and totally when I needed it the most.  I ended up picking up the pace & finishing at a better time than I had before, so I was pleased.  I have such a sweet family!!

Tyler started soccer back at the end of March.  This year he had a coach that was a little more serious about it & really worked them hard and had a lot of practices.  I think overall it was good for them though.  Tyler really improved over those several weeks.  The stinky thing about the season was that during pretty much every practice & game - the weather was stinky!  VERY WINDY or rainy or sleeting, sometimes even snowing.  CRAZY!  But the kids were all troopers & seemed to still have fun.

If you look closely in this shot, it's snowing!!  In MAY!!  See the one lonely girl on the team, she was so cute :) 
 Go Galaxy!! (Tyler's team)

 Still snowing!

Tyler had a pretty good arm, so he usually threw the ball in

All bundled (in May) up to watch big brother Tyler

The whole kindergarten class put on a little concert at school.  The theme was (can you guess? ) "It's a Jungle Out There".  Most kids wore costumes.  Good thing gramma & grandad had sent some cute masks & tails recently, otherwise I would have had to be sew something (which I try desperately to avoid).
 The girl in the leppard costume is Tyler's "special friend who's a girl" :)

 Some of the not so lazy moms put together some really awesome homemade costumes. There's a yak in the background (above).  And check out this toucan, totally hand-done with felt...

Tyler's seriously into his music :)
They all did a great job & memorized A LOT of songs.  It made me kinda miss my teaching days.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter 2011

 Some of our Easter activities this year, like dying eggs.  Not sure why the boys are raising their hands...maybe just airing out their armpits :)

Easter egg hunt with some friends in our backyard.  Grandma Lincoln sent us some eggs filled with confetti this year & we all had fun with them, as you will see...

 The loot from the first easter egg hunt

 Nate had me come out to take a picture of Lexi attacking him with a confetti egg, then a second later...

 he turned around and attacked me!

The second egg hunt

 The annual easter gathering of our kiddos & our friends the Bass family

On actual Easter I totally spaced taking a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits, so I tried to recreate it quickly'd never know.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our M&M's 1st birthday

Our little Wonder Woman turned 1!! (These pj's were actually mine as a baby)

I thought I'd just post a bunch of pictures of her on her speical day because she's just so darn cute!!

I haven't been able to catch it on camera, but McKinley stands on her own & has begun to walk by herself some since this picture.

It's my party & I can cry if I want to!!

All this partyin' has tuckered me out!!

Since McKinley Madison is our lil' m&m, I tried to make her cake look like one (if there were pink m&m's)

She's obviously in amazement of her beautiful cake ;)  haha!

It's  a tradition in our family that I make the birthday kid a little personal- sized heart cake when they turn 1.
McKinley was pretty dainty at first with hers.  I'm sure it was all such a shock for her, because we're kinda prudes when it comes to what our babies eat.  She had next to no sugar at all her whole first year, now a whole new wonderful world has opened up to her! :

Her cheesy grin :)

Love those eyes!!

Posin' with her presents

Colton is always more than willing to open anyone's presents.

Modeling her new tutu & her wee li'l boots!
We love you so much, Kinners!  You've been such a joy & a blessing to all of our lives.  You can touch anyone's heart with your beautiful smile!