Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lexi's Baptism

In our church, if you choose to, you can get baptized once you've turned eight.  Alexis decided she wanted to get baptized long ago, so this birthday was VERY exciting for her.  We are so proud of her and the important choice she made. 
 All dressed in white, ready to get baptized by her daddy.

 Sisters in white.  Lexi picked out this beautiful dress for her big day (although you can't see most if it).  McKinley is actually wearing a dress Lexi wore to her cousin's baptism when she was a baby.  Guess it's come full-circle.

 Here's all the family that traveled to be here for Lexi's baptism.  My parents and Nate's parents and some of Nate's brothers' family came.  Unfortunately, this was the best shot we could get of all of us as we kind of rigged a little tripod and set the timer in a rush.  Thanks everyone for coming to support us and Alexis.  It meant so much!

 Here's Lexi's birthday/ baptism cake.  She wanted a beachy cake, so I tried to get a little creative by having teddy grahams sunbathing on rafts and playing in the water.  I even tried to make a little palm tree out of a pretzel rod and a gum drop (it was a little sad looking, but good enough).  Most of you know my history with cakes, but I actually had a lot of fun with this one, probably because it didn't involve any cutting or sculpting!

 While family was visiting we took them to the Focus on the Family playland.  The adults seemed to have more fun than the kids, but it was still a good time.  I tried to catch all these cute faces in a picture, but the best I could get, too bad it's so dark.

 The day everyone arrived happened to be the same day as the art show at the school.  This is like the biggest event at Martinez Elementary each year.  The art teacher does an INCREDIBLE job!!  So the kids felt pretty special that they had soooo many family members they got to show off their art work to :)  It did get a little tricky trying to keep like 16 people together in such a crowded place though.

Grandad Butler keeping track of Colton during the art show (no easy task). I just loved the height difference here :)

Colton having some cuddle time with his other grandpa, Grandpa Lincoln.  He was so comfortable he fell asleep within a few minutes.  So sweet!
We loved having so many loved ones come and spend time with us.  It was especially great that we were able to fit everybody in one house, so no one had to get a hotel.  It makes it so much more fun that way!

Birthdays & 100's Day

The kindergarten classes at the kids' school had a big celebration on their 100th day of school.  They have all sorts of games and crafts and then the kids perform a bunch of dances they've learned.  So cute!
 Here's Ty sporting his nifty "100" glasses :)

Ty & I doing the chicken dance.

 Ty showing off all his new movies (& partners)

His dalmation he named "Elijah" after his good buddy that moved away.  

 Here's Lexi enjoying some presents on her big day.  Turning 8, woo hoo!  We had a little bit of a smaller celebration this year because a few days after her actual birthday most of our extended family came to celebrate with her for her baptism.

 And we finish out the February birthdays with Nate as he turns.... thirty-something :)
Here's Nate's annual birthday trifle!  He's so laid back about his birthday, he dosen't mind if we make a trifle from the "leftover" portions of the kids' birthday cakes for his celebration.  By the end of this particular February, I was very grateful for whatever short-cuts I could take.  It was a doozy of a month, but a great one too!

And here's miss cutie- petutie, gettin' so big!