Thursday, March 14, 2013

Real men wear pink & other events

For Valentine's Day, my friend threw a Pinkaliscious party for her daughter and her friends.  Well Colton and McKinley are good friends with her daughter so he was invited too.  Everybody was supposed to wear pink and as you can imagine Colton owns no pink.  So my super talented friend made Colton this "Real Men Wear Pink" shirt so he didn't feel left out.  I warned Colton that she had made him this shirt and he didn't want ANYTHING to do with it.  I never knew he was so vehemenently against the color.  He did eventually warm up to it and had a lot of fun at this pink party.  He then gave the shirt as a present to his brother Tyler who appreciated it very much!

                                             "One of these is not like the other one" :)
On a very wet and cold afternoon, the kids and their good friends Charlie and Dylan got quite creative with all the things they could find outside and built a fort.  Not sure it would be approved by any homeowners association, but they were sure resourceful.
Oh I love two-year olds and dress-ups

In February (on Lexi's birthday) we flew out to Phx and look who was there as the welcoming party....
We can sure bring in a crowd!  Actually there was a family reunion going on of all my many relatives on my mom's mom's side.  It was pretty neat how it worked out because we were only there for two days, so it was kind of like one-stop shopping to be able to see so many relatives at once.    It was also neat because in this group there were four people whose birthday was on that day, so we all got to sing to them and have a big cake.  Lexi felt pretty special.
One of the things I look forward to every year is our kids' school art show.  The art teacher there is AAAA-MAZING!!  We're always so impressed with what she helps the kids create.  This year's theme was the history of Colorado.  Lexi's class created things that the Ute Indians may have used. 
She decided to sew this little doll out of canvas and then she just kept going and adding more and more and more... She made this cradle board and blanket for it and all sorts of other accessories for it.  Lexi also made this little clay pot filled with rice and corn.  She chose to really get in the spirit and dress up herself for the art show too.


They had a Native American drum group there to entertain as well.
They had a place for people to dress up in old fashioned apparel

Tyler's class did metallic paint landscapes of Garden of the Gods (he even included the kissing camel rocks)
These lizards were 3D, it was cool looking
This was a pastel that the art teacher did.

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